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We stock a range of Anaerobic adhesives from one of the leading manufacturers' Permabond. Gasketing, Pipe Sealing, Retainers and Threadlocker grades are all available.

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  • HM135 Permabond Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml) HM135 Permabond Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml)
    Permabond HM135 Threadlocker (Green)

    Permabond HM135 adhesive 200ml bottle. Fast curing, medium viscosity anaerobic adhesive. Locking & sealing threads/ Retaining cylinderical components.    Maximum torque strength on brass or plated brass components. Excellent temperature & chemical resistance. Green in colour Unit per 200ml bottle     

  • F202 Permabond Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml)
    Permabond F202 Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml)

    Permabond F202 adhesive 200ml bottle Permabond adhesive F202 is a toughened adhesive giving excellent peel & impact force Good for bonding dissimilar surfaces resisting thermal stresses Non-drip consistency makes suitable for larger fittings Unit per 200ml bottle     

  • F201 Permabond Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml)
    F201 Permabond Anaerobic Adhesive (200ml)

    Permabond F201 adhesive 200ml bottle. Permabond adhesive F201 as good adhesion to aluminium & copper alloys. Good for bonding lightweight components that might be subect to distortion. Suitable for contact with potable water. Unit per 200ml bottle     

  • HH131 Threadlocker (high temp) Adhesive
    Permabond HH131 High Temperature Threadlocker (Red)

    Permabond HH131 Threadlocker (High Temp) Permabond HH131 is a very high temperature resistant, high strength anaerobic threadlocker and sealant Cures in the absence of air between tight fitting metal parts It is used for locking bolts, nuts and screws that require permanent assembly High temperature resistance Can be used straight from the bottle

  • A1046 Threadlocker High Strength 50ml Bottle
    Permabond A1046 Threadlocker High Strength Green (50ml)

    Permabond A1046 Threadlocker A1046 is a rapid curing, medium viscosity, high strength, toughened, anaerobic retainer adhesive It is designed to provide permanent locking and sealing of metal parts such as bearings, gears, pulleys and threaded components.  A1046 provides high strength and excellent durability, even under the most difficult conditions....

  • A1044 Threadlocker High Strength Adhesive
    Permabond A1044 Threadlocker High Strength (200ml)

    Permabond A1044 Threadlocker/seala Rapid curing medium strength high viscosity anaerobic adhesive sealant designed to lock and seal metal pipe connections 200ml bottle White in colour Provides instant low pressure seal Permabond adhesive A1044 can be used to seal against gases and liquids It offers a very good resistance to even the most...

  • A130 Threadlocker Adhesive A130 Threadlocker Adhesive
    Permabond A130 Threadlocker Blue (50ml)

    Permabond A130 threadlocker Designed for the locking and sealing of metal parts Ideally suited for use on components that need to be dismantled for maintenance Giving outstanding vibration resistance it can be used to replace a wide range of mechanical locking devices Blue in colour Unit per 1 bottle 50ml bottle

  • A1042 Threadlocker Medium Strength Adhesive 50ml Bottle
    A1042 Threadlocker Medium Strength Adhesive 50ml Bottle

    A1042 is a rapid curing medium viscosity medium strength anaerobic adhesive Designed to lock and seal metal parts which may need to be dismantled later for maintenance Its high vibration resistance which makes it particularly suited to replacing lock-washers, split-pins and other mechanical locking devices