3M EPX Adhesive DP610 - 50ml Tube 3M EPX Adhesive Expand

3M™ DP610 Scotch-Weld™ EPX Adhesive - 50ml Tube


3M™ DP610 structural adhesive
  • Transparent UV-resistant polyurethane adhesive 
  • Flexible adhesive
  • DP610 adhesive cures in 10 minutes for fast handling strength
  • Particularly good for bonding plastics
  • Low odour
  • Use in conjunction with 3M™ EPX Applicator (with standard 2:1 plunger) and DP610 nozzles
  • Unit per 1 tube  

More details

3M™ Scotch-weld™ DP610 2-part polyurethane EPX adhesive system.

Non-yellowing and resistant to UV.

It is clear in colour and is suitable for use with many plastics and metals.

Mix ratio 1:1.

Temperature range: -50ºC to +80ºC
3M’s high-strength structural adhesives are fundamentally load-bearing formulations. Bond strength is often as strong as,  or stronger than the materials joined.

Structural adhesives are chosen for a multitude of assembly operations.

Unlike mechanical fastening methods structural adhesives -
- Do not damage substrates (no holes drilled, weld marks)
- Can join dissimilar substrates
- Distribute stress levels evenly throughout substrates
- Offers weight and waste reduction

Compared to other adhesives, structural adhesives have the highest load baring capability. As well as excellent environmental and chemical resistance.
Structural adhesives cure in an irreversible process which helps provide excellent temperature and solvent resistance.  They do not need access to air to dry; nor moisture (like one-part silicone and polyurethane sealants); and thus have unlimited depth of cure.