3M 9088PL Double-sided Tape (Paper Liner) Expand

3M™ 9088-200 D/S Clear Tape


3M™ 9088-200 D/S Clear Tape (Paper Liner)
  • Very high adhesion to high and low surface energy substrates
  • High tack, shear and UV resistance
  • 0.2mm thickness
  • Easy handling due to polyester carrier  
  • Available in a range of sizes: Please ask for details
  • Unit per 1 roll   

More details

These products combine a very high level of adhesive peel and shear performance. The adhesive system used on these products provides good adhesion to both high and low surface energy substrates. The excellent initial tack ensures that a bond of good integrity is achieved soon after application.

All these products are well suited to bonding together a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as woods, metals, glass, powder coated finishes, paints, and many plastics and fabrics. Surfaces should be clean prior to bonding.

Typical applications include

Self-adhesive mounting of furniture trim, sealing profiles and cable ducts.

Bonding and mounting of sales displays and billboards.

Fixing of decorative trims and emblems.