3M Jet Melt Quadrack LT Applicator (Use With Low-Melt Adhesive) Expand

3M™ Jet Melt Quadrack Applicator LT (Low Temperature)


3M™ Jet Melt Quadrack Applicator-LT (Low Temperature)
  • Applicator gun for use with 3M Low melt - jet melt adhesives
  • 240 Volt
  • Non drip patented valve design
  • Use with 3M low temperature jetmelt adhesives
  • Ergonomical design uses palm of hand to easily dispense adhesive
Units per 1 applicator

More details

3M™ hot and low melt gun systems provide a versatile method of bonding a variety of substrates.

Some of the most popular applications include -

- Efficient packaging solutions due to fast setting properties. (sealing boxes, gluing inserts etc)
- Wood working due to the high strength bond achieved.
- Electronics - due to the high temperature resistance.