We are excited to introduce the ground-breaking new tesa® Plastic Bonding Solution!

tesa® has released its HiP (High Initial Performance) bonding tape, designed to revolutionise the automotive industry by eliminating the need for ultrasonic welding and it is now available at Castle TIS.

These high performance tapes offer fascinating design possibilities and contribute to making plastics an even more attractive solution for internal vehicle applications, and they can bond to PP, ABS, PA, and PC.


With so many different types of plastic available, it is hard to make sure you can bond them together reliably - tesa® HiPs will change the way you think about this!


Due to their strength, rigidity and improved moulding techniques, there has been an increase in the use of plastics in vehicle production (PP 32% , PVC 16%), traditionally plastics would be bonded by either clips, gluing or costly Ultra Sonic Welding.

Until now...

tesa® HiP (High Initial Performance) is revolutionising the automotive industry as we know it. A new era of creativity and efficiency is dawning. No matter if you want to bond PP to ABS or PA to PC – tesa® HiP offers fascinating design possibilities and contributes to making plastics even more attractive for the automotive industry.

Watch this short video demonstrating a dynamic pull test with HiP on PP-plate that achieves 88 N/cm² bonding performance.

Typical application areas for tesa®HiPs include:

  • Assembly of Door Panels
  • Cock Pit 
  • Dashboard
  • Instrument Panels

Find out more about the new tesa Hip tape here 

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