Businesses are becoming increasing more aware of their packaging methods and how environmentally responsible they are. Landfill waste poses a huge environmental problem due to slow decomposition rates, resulting in huge areas of land that can no longer be used.

As people are becoming more actively aware to the issue of unnecessary waste and the effect it has on our planet, making conscious choices and being more eco-friendly when it comes to the products we consume has become essential for businesses. With this in mind, by making more sustainable choices, companies will not only be helping the environment, but they will also be shining a positive light on their brand and enhancing their reputation.

At Castle, we provide a range of high performance and environmentally responsible packaging options. Working closely with brands such as Sealed Air who have a long standing aim to develop sustainable, high performance, recyclable and market competitive packaging.

Make your business more eco-friendly: We strive to help your business become more environmentally aware with our range of alternative packaging solutions. Talk to our team who will be able to discuss alternatives to your popular packaging items, we offer many different solutions.

Materials: There is many different packaging options that can be eco-friendly such as - paper, glass, cardboard, some plastics and starch material (PSM). We offer a range of packaging products which are made from environmentally aware materials such as - Kraft paper rolls, corrugated paper rolls, FasFil, tapes, bags etc. The environmental impact of packaging goes beyond the issue of waste treatment, although this is often only one part that we are aware of.

Other contributing factors include:
• Choice of raw material
• Production process
• Transportation of product
• Disposal of product

We consider all elements at Castle to help you become more environmentally aware when it comes to your packaging supplies.

Eco Packaging Overview Leaflet - Download Now

Download our eco product overview sheet here to find out what eco alternatives we can offer.