Handywrap film 100mm x 300m Light Duty (36 Rolls) + Free Dispenser Expand

Handy Wrap Film 100mm x 150m Medium Duty


 Handy Wrap Film Medium Duty 15 micron

  • This Handy Wrap Film is ideal for bundling rod. tube, bar etc.
  • When removed does not leave adhesive residue etc.
  • Crystal clear for excellent optics
  • Stretches up to 2-3 times original length
  • Can be recycled
  • Use in combination with hand Applicator HWD1 for best results
Units of 1 box (40 rolls)

More details

Handy Wrap Film is  ideal for bundling boxes, bar, tube,wood etc together.
Quick and easy to use clear film allows shipping labels/product codes to be seen through film
Non adhesive, leaves no trace on products that it has been used

Yes, our stretch film can be fully recycled.