tesa Flex Softprint FE Plate Mounting Tape 15 thou/380 Expand

tesa® Flex Softprint® FE Plate Mounting Tape 15 thou/ 380 MU.

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tesa® Flex Softprint® FE Plate mounting Tape 15 thou/380Mu.

  • 15 thou/380 Mu. thickness 
  • Available in a range of foam densities
  • Compensating product design
  • Low tack adhesive for easy plate mounting in clean/standardized conditions 
  • Secure plate bonding
  • Excellent resistance to edge lifting
  • Foam density range below 

Units per 1 roll

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Success in the label and package printing industry requires know-how, experience, and a well-balance of process parameters and materials. As a leading global manufacturer of adhesive solutions, tesa offer a wide range of specially developed tapes to meet the requirements within your production environment.

Plate mounting tapes have a critical influence on your process efficiency and print quality.  Our tesa Softprint® assortment is supported by our smart tape production process – leaving all foam cells within the tape backing intact for better cushioning and resilience over time. Selecting the correct foam hardness from our assortment will produce exceptional print quality by increasing your printing speed and overcoming print defects like banding, increased dot gain, and “pin holing

Compensating product design for demanding sleeve/cylinder surfaces. Low tack adhesive for easy and fast plate mounting in clean and standardized conditions. Secure bonding with excellent resistance to edge lifting.