Two Part Adhesive Hand applicator (400ml Mixpac cartridges) Expand

Air Powered Applicator Dispenser For Two Part Adhesives (400ml Mixpac cartridges)


Two Part Adhesive Hand applicator dispenser (400ml Mixpac cartridges)

  • For use with all variations of 400ml series Mixpac cartridges
  • 400ml 1:1 Mixpac, 400ml 2:1 Mixpac, 400ml 4:1 Mixpac, 400ml 10:1 Mixpac
  • 5.25kN (525kgf) thrust at 6.8 bar operating pressure
  • Air powered for ease of application of adhesive
  • Suitable for viscous adhesives inc 3M DP490 adhesive