Tesa 60021 Permanent Adhesive (500ml Can) Expand

tesa® 60021 Permanent Adhesive 500ml Can

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tesa 60021 Permanent Adhesive
  • Bond materials, paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, wood , leather & polystyrene.
  • The glue is dispersed finely & evenly.
  • Fast-drying & resistant against against damp, mechanical & thermal stresses.
  • Suitable for bonding Styrofoam.
  • Free from Silicone.
  • Unit x 1 500ml Aerosol

More details

tesa® Spray Glue PERMANENT 60021 is a very versatile glue for permanently bonding materials such as paper, card-board,felt, fabric, film, wood, leather, polystyrene and many different plastics.

▪ For clean, cost efficient, secure and fast bonding of large areas
▪ Suitable for light to medium-weight material with smooth to uneven surfaces
▪ The glue is dispersed finely and evenly
▪ Fast-drying and resistant against damp and mechanical and thermal stresses
▪ Suitable for gluing Styrofoam
▪ Free from silicone and chlorinated solvents

Main Application
tesa® Spray Glue PERMANENT 60021 is suitable for general industrial applications,
▪ Attaching wiring diagrams and labels
▪ Mounting of P.O.S-Displays
▪ Permanent mounting of posters and templates e.g. on Styrofoam
▪ Bonding of thin decorative foils

Technical Data
▪ Colour pale cream
▪ Temperature resistance from -20 °C▪ upto 60 °C
▪ Glue based on synthetic rubber
▪ Solvent based on dearomatizated special petrol andacetone
▪ Propellant based on propane/butane
▪ Recommended distance of spraying 30 cm
▪ Recommended time before bonding 1-5 min