tesa® 51970 Double Sided Tape Expand

tesa® 51970 Clear Double Sided Tape


tesa® 51970 clear double sided tape
  • 0.25mm thickness
  • Clear polypropylene carrier
  • High tack modified acrylic adhesive
  • Medium temperature resistance (+80 degrees centigrade)
  • Good shear and peel force resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor use
Units per 1 roll

More details

tesa® 51970 is a transparent double-sided tape with PP-film backing.

Main features include:

Excellent combination of high tack and adhesion. Secure bond even on rough surfaces. Good temperature resistance and outdoor suitability.

tesa® 51970 is suitable for mounting and bonding applications. For example -

Mounting of plastic and wooden trims
Mounting of decorative materials and displays
Mounting of transparent signs