tesa 7078 ACXplus (High-Bond) Black tape Expand

tesa® 7078 ACXplus (High-Bond) Black tape

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tesa® ACXplus 7078 Black
  • 2mm thick black high-performance acrylic adhesive system. 
  • Long term resistance against extreme temperatures, good for pre-powder coat bonding. 
  • Outstanding cold/shock resistance.
  • Temperature resistance (120 degrees centigrade) - (220 degrees centigrade - 20min).
  • Units per 1 roll

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What is tesa® ACXplus?

The high bonding performance of tesa®ACXplus is based on its viscoelasticity: this leads to elastic and viscous characteristics, providing inner strength as well as relaxation of mechanical stresses.

Constructive bonding is a key element in every industry and can be very challenging. For many applications, high-tech materials are used that have special structures and properties that need to be maintained. Often dissimilar materials need to be bonded - for example aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites, etc. Traditional mechanical fasteners like rivets, welds, screws, or liquid glue may not be suitable or can even damage these materials.

That is where our high performance bonding tapes come into play: tesa®ACXplus - an acrylic foam tape with very special bonding capabilities.

tesa® ACXplus bonding solutions can outperform conventional fastening methods by optimizing our customers’ production processes and the quality and aesthetics of their products.

tesa® ACXplus is characterised by its strong bonding power. Applied loads like wind, snow and the permanent load of bonded components can be accommodated by tesa® ACXplus without problems.

tesa® ACXplus has a powerful, high bond on materials with different surface characteristics because the acrylic adhesive system used enables optimal wetting and chemically adapts to the bonded surfaces.

Even more, the tape thicknesses can be adjusted to compensate for rough and uneven surfaces. The result is a permanent contact and a complete sealing of the bonded substrates. This leads to a high strength bond that will last for decades.

Stress Dissipation - Enabled by the Viscoelastic Behavior of tesa®ACXplus

tesa® ACXplus has an outstanding ability to compensate static, dynamic, and temperature stress, up to the life cycle of a component

Aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites – dissimilar materials show different elongations when temperatures change. During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic forces act upon the constructive bond. Stress arises that needs to be dissipated. tesa® ACXplus is able to dissipate these. The high performance of tesa®ACXplus acrylic foam tapes is based on a special feature: viscoelasticity. Viscoelasticity describes a material performance which is defined by both elastic and viscous characteristics.

The elastic restoring forces provide inner strength while the viscous part of the material behaviour leads to relaxation of mechanical stresses. tesa® ACXplus employs a special acrylic adhesive system that combines both effects in an outstanding way.

Due to the viscoelastic behaviour of tesa® ACXplus arising stresses can be optimally dissipated and a secure bond is assured. Extreme temperature changes are accommodated even for bonded substrates with different elongation characteristics.

Temperature and Weather Resistance - Even under Adverse Weather Conditions

The high degree of oxidation resistance is based on the fully saturated carbon chain, which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus. The special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature-resistance network

Finland or Arizona, inside or outside – constructive bonds can be found anywhere. Different weather conditions like rain, snow, penetration by UV light or humidity as well as very low and very high temperatures – a constructive bond has to withstand many external influences.

If materials are bonded with traditional mechanical fasteners like screws or rivets, they can be vulnerable to corrosion, which leads to damages and requires costly reconstruction. 

tesa® ACXplus acrylic foam tapes offers a high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions. The main reason is the oxidation resistance of the fully saturated carbon chain which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa®ACXplus. Furthermore, the special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature resistance structure.

This results in a superior bond that shows excellent resistance to temperature, weather, UV and chemical influence.